Marble Suppliers
Sunday, April 21, 2024

High-Quality Marble Countertops, Fireplaces, Vanity Tops & Floors

J&R Marble are leading manufacturers and suppliers of marble countertops, fireplaces, vanity tops, floors, marble worktops.etc.

More and more people are choosing marble countertops for their bathrooms and kitchens. Its endless variety of colours, patterns, veining and swirls makes each piece of material unique in itself.

It is not as hard wearing as granite or quartz but with a little care and attention you will easily be able to clean and maintain your marble countertops, fireplaces, floors, marble worktops etc. keeping their natural beauty.

All marble countertops, worktops, fireplaces, vanity tops etc. are bespoke and manufactured to your requirements and will add style, luxury and quality to any room. Whether you are looking for Carrara marble countertops, a Crema Marfil floor or a Marquina fire surround we are sure to have the material to suit your taste and requirements.

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Samples of Marble Countertops

At J&R Marble we work hard to ensure our customers receive high-quality marble countertops with a first-class service to fully meet your requirements.

With J&R Marble's innovative and modern equipment we can manufacture bespoke marble countertops to the highest specifications.

J&R Marble's professional staff will advise and help you choose from our range of marble, granite, limestone and quartz’s to suit your project whether it’s for marble countertops, quartz worktops, granite kitchen worktops, vanity tops etc.